Welcome to Allensia!

Allensia is a world that still holds a great number of secrets from its inhabitants. Seeking to capture the spark of wonder from a world: Asking the question, consuming the curious, calling those hungry for purpose, and inspiring the adventurous. Where walking out into the world leads in equal part to adventure and danger where a newly uncovered forest that can bring treasure and danger.

A world of natural beauty, powerful nations and magical secrets Allensia allows its noble leaders, to its simple farmers to follow their callings and whims of ambition. The world is harsh, such dreams are difficult to fulfill but the strive to accomplish these goals is what gives Allensia its value, a world of ambition.

The geography of the world shuts off the Free Cities from the rest of the world, the sheer size of the Twin Seas surrounding the continent of Ironia stifles any dreams of sailing their vast surfaces to any new lands. The Continent of Ironia’s four nations hold dominion over its territory, ordering their commands to their armies from great cities that dominates any other.

The cities are a reflection of the races of the continent, bringing forth their prejudices, ambitions and fears into physical form.


The exact history of Allensia is unclear, records kept by the wealthy elite in priesthoods and nobles in their castles are the only ones who truly know of the vague recorded details that have passed through the ages via the ancient tomes written by their forefathers. 

The remaining tales from the past are brought to the people through the bards that sing and revel in the tales of old. And while it is known that many of these songs are nothing more than jumbled misunderstandings of myths passed down from father to son.

While the common folk may live their entire lives with little care for their history. The question of where it all came from, haunts the minds of the quizzical and consumes the curious, calling those hungry for truth, and fueling the business of adventuring to delve into the dangerous shadows of ancient ruins.

Though there is a great difference between what each individuals ideas of the past might be, the commonly held perspective usually falls around the same tale:

Creation - 

Before the world was whole, the planes of creation existed without the material.